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Street Fighter 5 Beta exclusively available on PlayStation 4

Capcom has revealed some details of their upcoming Street Fighter 5 Beta which is exclusively available on PlayStation 4. A post on the PS Blog announces that Chun Li, Ryu, M. Bison and Nash will be initially available in the beta version of the game, but Birdie and Cammy will also be added at a later date to test Capcom’s online delivery system. A total of four stages will be available to play in the beta.

Street Fighter 5 Beta characters and stages discussed:

Street Fighter 5 beta will not feature a local versus mode during the beta as the “primary purpose of the beta is to test the online functionality.” When players will start the game and go past the start screen, they will choose a character and be put into training mode until an opponent can be found online. Once an opponent is selected, the game moves to the versus screen and then to the match.

Peter Rosas, the Capcom Community Manager said “While players are awaiting their match, they’ll be training in the Grid.Versus matches will take place in either the Bustling Side Street (China), Terminal Station (London), or in the brand new stage the Forgotten Waterfall. Each of the stages has been inspired by various locales throughout the world with the Forgotten Waterfall’s inspiration being directly pulled from New Zealand.”

Street Fighter 5 beta exclusively available on PlayStation 4 will start rolling on July 23 at 6pm PT/9pm ET in the US and Canada, and July 24 at around 2.00am BST/3.00am CEST in Europe. North Americans can get their hands on the beta by pre-ordering on PSN, Amazon, GameStop or Best Buy. European PlayStation users can use the Street Fighter V Beta Enroll to sign up. However Street Fighter V will also release on PC with support for cross platform play, but Capcom has not yet unveiled any plans for a PC beta.

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