Thanks To K3OPS and YUAN Jun, Home Automation System Technology Takes Huge Leap Forward

Since the global strategic partnership between K3OPS and YUAN Jun, the two have NOW become more powerful and ready than ever.

Made in France and revolutionary, the company is ready to release a totally wire-less and battery-less Home Automation system. From Smart Home, you will soon experience the excellence of a Brilliant system. It uses interconnected nodes network, independent from the base securing a total control through remote access of your living environments by the mean of protocols that improved all communications from the systems to the application on their smartphone.


In a recent interview, YUAN Jun said: “Home Automation is a field that I know very well, after obtaining my master in IT from the UK, I started to manufacture from my factories different systems with one goal: improving. To partnership with K3OPS allow me to deliver something totally unique, something that will definitely count. I know there will always be a before K3OPS and an after.

“For months now, I have dreamt of the potential behind this technology, eventually I spent the summer with Alexandre and Xin, to explore the openings. I tested their harvesters, I felt like a child, this is an important step in a life of a man, when you realize at one point that you can actually change the life of many people, when actually you can taste this feeling, this particular feeling of joy. I am not talking of satisfaction for myself, I am actually thinking of my friends and partners, the one who basically has been in the factory of the world since many years.

“Let’s be honest, the situation is different, I know some people around me trying to find a way to keep their business open, some are my friends, some other are suppliers, but overall, without a miracle, most of the factories will challenge the economic situation that touches every one, everywhere. The satisfaction I am talking is to help as much as I can the factories that are facing difficulties.

So here K3OPS comes, it was like a bomb, in China people are proud because Xin is now a celebrity, he is the dream that we needed, a young Chinese who succeeded to overcome one of the most complex challenge that made today RF Energy Harvesting possible. Xin did better than the biggest companies, the very same companies approached him, all of them, and they wanted to have the option to use this incredible tool. But he resisted because he did it not for the glory, not for the fortune, he did it to change the image of China.

“I have to admit this is painful to hear that “made in China” is not good; people forgot to check their TV, Smartphones, remote controls and so on, because they are all stamped “Made in China”. My friends Alexandre and Xin came up with a different approach, far away from the conventional business model that we are used to.

“They told me their intention to manufacture from France, and as crazy at it sounds especially when you have all the facilities in China, I have to admit that they were right from the beginning. It will change one thing, one little thing, and this change will lead to change everything. For the first time a product created in China, will be made in France and it’s the right move to guaranty the quality. So I tested the potential of their harvester, trust me the product that was in my luggage to test the efficiency were extremely demanding in energy.

“I wanted to see my LED Sticker, the one that made the reputation of K3OPS, to be powering up with my new remote control. I asked if the LED could light up in red because I created this product and to reach the red spectrum require 12 Volt. I recall the moment, and I also have the moment in video. I sat down with my remote control totally battery free, I clicked and the LED sticker went red bright.

“My heart at this moment started to race and every beat was an explosion of pure pleasure. Even if I already knew the potential of a harvester that could replace any regular battery, I couldn’t imagine that K3OPS went already far away in term of power efficacy.

“I have so many souvenirs and in few days I will be back in France to conclude our venture and to decide our future products line. The growth in the market for the connected home has huge implications for energy efficiency and demand response, and felt obliged to provide to my customers something different.”

The very first highly efficient and self-calibrating Radio Frequencies Energy harvester suitable for powering any smartphones and wearable devices has been created by Alexandre Despallieres and WEI Xin. This breakthrough technology requires no maintenance and no replacement parts is needed. The value of home automation in 2014 was at $1.2 billion and forecast to reach $7.7 billion dollars, worldwide by 2021. I let you try to imagine the market size of K3OPS that make the use of renewable energy, offering battery-free and wire-free home automation systems.

K3OPS RF Energy Harvesting
K3OPS RF Energy Harvesting
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