Traders Cashing in on Secondhand Wearables with Apple Watch Launch

Traders Cashing in on Secondhand Wearables with Apple Watch Launch

Second-hand markets for used devices are in now that the Apple Watch shipments are just around the corner. This market, according to an independent research firm Smartwatch Group, did not exist in 2014, despite that there were 6.8 million Smartwatches sold around the world. With the Apple Watch surfacing, many consumers are looking to sell their old gadgets, including Galaxy Gear, Moto 360 and Pebbles smart watches, while trading companies are looking to make some cash out of it.

Traders began accepting smart watches on April 10, when the pre-orders for Apple Watch started, too, and this timing wasn’t coincidental. According to chief marketing officer of NextWorth Solutions, Jeff Trachsel, they did not introduce this option sooner because wearable devices did not have a flagship behind them, but the timing was right now that Apple Watch was launching.

The company is looking to establish itself versus companies, such as Usell and Gazelle, which set up brisk businesses in Smartphones.

They joined Amazon that is also buying smart watches for their trade-in program. In only a weekend, the company made wearables as their second largest product inventory next to Smartphones.

Trachsel also noted that by the time they had launched, wearables had been their number two category after iPhones and that they thought it was a pretty remarkable start. He furthered that demand had held over the weekend and into the week.

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