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Universal Parks & Resorts and Nintendo Partnership Exciting the World

Universal Parks & Resorts and Nintendo Partnership Exciting the World

Universal Parks & Resorts and Nintendo announced plans of bringing the Nintendo world into real life. This is by creating a spectacular location at Universal theme parks that is based on Nintendo’s very popular games, worlds, and characters.

The collaboration will bring two entertainment icons together that would represent a significant partnership, a major move for Nintendo with the aim of expanding its reach and popularity and of course securing intellectual property.

Known for innovative themed entertainment experiences, Universal theme parks are based on captivating stories and characters. Similarly, Nintendo has been creating imaginative and remarkable worlds that are filled with beloved characters and captivating stories.

The result of the collaboration will include exciting and major attractions within Universal theme parks that will feature famous games and characters from Nintendo. Though no specific details are released yet from both parties, fans all over the world are already imagining the exciting things that can happen.

From the cinema, television, theme parks, and more, Universal Parks & Resorts, a part of ComCast NBC Universal, offers the world the most popular and relevant entertainment experiences today.

Nintendo was the pioneer of interactive entertainment, and currently manufactures and markets both hardware and software since 1983. The company has sold in excess of 4.3B video games and also more than 680M hardware units all over the world.

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