Android M to get native visual voicemail, but not everyone will be able to use this feature

Last week, Google released first Android M Preview update, now Android M to get native visual voicemail, but not everyone will be able to use this feature. Google revealed in a post on the Android Dev Preview Tracker site that developers are now working on Google’s native visual voicemail implementation for Android M.

Visual voicemail is actually an interface that presents a list of messages for playback and also includes a transcript of each message. Apple’s iPhone has been among the first smartphones to offer this feature in built since 2007.

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Who will get Google’s native visual voicemail in Android M?

Each carrier needs to add support for Google’s native visual voicemail service, and it doesn’t seem that most of them will just yet. Till now, only Orange and T-Mobile and have confirmed to support Google’s native visual voicemail. It means that only people having their SIM cards will be in luck to use the feature and the rest will have to wait until their mobile carrier supports it. When Android M will launch this fall, support for visual voicemail will be available for the above mentioned two carriers.

Android M to get native visual voicemail and it is quite a handy feature that has been available through third party apps and Google Voice for some time. Now it has its own tab in Android M. We can see the new tab on the right side of the dialler app. Users can see a list of their voicemails, each divided into individual cards. If users expand each card, they will see a number of icons like play, pause, volume and trash, along with the shortcuts that can be used to call or text that person back instantly.

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