Why Microsoft Chose to Release Windows 10 and Not Windows 9?

Why Microsoft Chose to Release Windows 10 and Not Windows 9?

Microsoft Corporation announced that it will unveil Microsoft 10 in the future. It is also expected that the new version of Microsoft will first debut this summer. Though it is true that many people are happy and excited about the company’s announcement, it is undeniable that there are also many people who, instead of being glad and thrilled, are shocked by the news.

Microsoft 8 followed the Microsoft 7 version. This is why many people expect Microsoft 9 to follow. Nonetheless, Microsoft 10 has already been announced by the company. Most of us now are wondering what happened to Microsoft 9.

During the developer’s conference of Microsoft’s Build 2015, the reason why the company is releasing Microsoft 10 this year instead of Microsoft 9 was revealed. Nevertheless, it is not the kind of reason that the people expected.

During the said conference, it can easily be noticed that Microsoft employees were wearing the same blue shirts that were imprinted with a Windows logo that comes with a binary code. Just in case some people did not notice, Gabriel Aul, a Microsoft employee, took on Twitter and explained that the shirt has a hidden message.

There are four hidden messages on the Windows logo with binary code. Here are the following:

  • There are 10 types of people in the world.
  • Windows 10, because 7 8 9
  • Congrats on being one of the first
  • Windows Insiders help us develop the future. Talk to as @ Windows

Well of course, the reason “Windows 10, because 7 8 9” is a joke. Though, it might be a meaningful joke. There are two possible reasons why Microsoft chose to release Windows 10. First, it might be because this will be their final Windows version. Second, they might want to distance the new Windows version from the failure of Windows 8.

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