Stick’N Charge Technology Is The First Step Towards Free Clean Energy

Most of the people start companies to earn money, but they don’t think much about the environment. Only a few people in this world think about the Mother Nature and find solutions to make this world a better place. K3OPS is one of the few tech startup companies that has chosen to go green over the greed of instant success.

K3OPS is the leading company in RF Energy Harvesting systems and with its new Stick’N Charge technology, the company ushers in a new era of free clean energy. WEI Xin and Alexandre Despallieres, the founder of K3OPS, are the two masterminds behind this green alternative energy.

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According to Wei Xin, “Electricity is energy, and energy can be found everywhere.” He thinks that if there is a small quantity of energy and if it is constant, it can be used to make electricity. This is what his team has implemented in the new Stick’N Charge technology.

Stick’N Charge uses the energy obtained from the ambient EM (electromagnetic radiation) field to operate or charge electronic devices like smartphone, smartwatches, remote controls etc. The best thing about this – It doesn’t need any replacement parts or maintenance.

Recently, K3OPS has created partnerships with different smartphone brands to make the first battery free phone. They expect to make a smartphone that doesn’t need to be charged and never runs out of power. Many people criticized them for not giving a chance to any big tech giant, but Xin didn’t want to work with any company that is not able to create and think about our environment.


In an interview, Wei Xin said:

“As far as we are concerned, we will always choose a brand that shares the same respect, a brand has to consider the needs of their customers. Brands that will partner with us have to be respectful of the environment and the health. A brand should be synonym of quality, but unfortunately, now brands are more seeking to make profit than to satisfy their customers.”

K3OPS has also partnered with YUAN Jun in Home Automation System to provide a self-sufficient smart home system. It will eliminate the usage of dry cells and also solve the problem of battery replacement in a number of devices connected together in Home Automation Systems.

This little magic stick can one day eliminate the electrochemical devices presently used to convert chemical energy into electric power via redox processes. This new technology can also help to cope with the electromagnetic pollution issues by converting EM energy into a clean and free energy.

K3OPS has actually started a revolution, for the betterment of the lives of people, who work in the mines to extract minerals and workers who work to make those hazardous batteries. Stick’N Charge has made it possible for us to use energy in an unlimited way and also build an environment that is free from toxic metals.

Stick’N Charge by K3OPS Says ‘Goodbye To Batteries’

k3ops power Energy harvesting alexandre despallieres xin wei e-smog
k3ops power Energy harvesting alexandre despallieres xin wei e-smog
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