Google Maps Will Warn You If Your Destination is Closed Before You Reach

Are you planning to go a new restaurant that you have never visited before and are not familiar with the way? Don’t worry, use Google Maps to help navigate yourself there. Upon reaching your destination, you’ll see that it’s closed because either it’s too late or today’s their day off. So, you will be frustrated that you wasted so much of your time to get there. But now Google Maps wants to change that.

Google has recently updated its Google map. The updated app will now warn users if the place they are going to is closed or will be closed upon their arrival. As Google Maps can calculate how long it will take you to reach at the destination, it can tell the travel time. So, combining travel time with the store’s opening hours, now Google map will know if you should make the trip.
Google Maps
The warning can be ignored and you can continue navigating your way there if you want to, although sometimes places could be opened past regular hours for a special function, and so on. It’s a great handy tool that leverages the information Google has on file for various stores and outlets all over the world.

The recent update also brings the ability to search for any car rental reservations you might have made just by typing ‘my events’ with the usual host of bug fixes and whatnot. To download the latest version of the Google map app, check the Google Play Store.

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